How Quickly Can A Penis Stretcher Increase Length

If you’ve been researching male enhancement products for a while, then you’ve probably already read a little bit about penis stretchers. These are traction devices that are available which allow men to straighten and lengthen their penises over time by following a simple set of instructions. Unlike other enhancement products, these have been clinically proven to increase the size of the penis when both flaccid and erect.

The amount of time required for a penis stretcher to work varies depending on a number of different things such as how often a man intends to use it, if it is used correctly, and how fast the tissue of the penis can adapt to changes.

what-to-expectStretching Is Measured In Hours and Months

Even the highest quality manufactured traction devices require that men wear them for at least two hours and up to eight hours per day in order to receive the maximum benefit. During this time, the penis is slowly stretched and straightened. Over the course of a two month period, using the device daily, many men have seen an increase of up to an inch or more in flaccid penis length. Ultimately, the more hours that one can tolerate having his penis in the device, the better the results will be over a period of time.

Using A Stretching Device Inappropriately Can Lead To Setbacks

While a quality manufactured stretcher is a relatively safe product to use, particularly when compared to alternative lengthening treatments such as surgery, one must take special precautions to ensure that the device is worn correctly. Failing to read and understand the instructions included with the device may lead to pain and discomfort when the stretcher is used. Wrongly using a penis stretcher can also be a waste of time, as results won’t be nearly as effective as using it the right way from the very beginning.

So always take a few minutes time to first confirm that you’re using the device properly.

Everyone Responds Differently to Stretching

Finally, some men will simply see results more quickly than others. Really, it is just a matter of genetics and factors beyond anyone’s control.

good-resultsFor example, the penile tissue of one man may respond immediately to the stretching sessions and results are quickly apparent, sometimes in a matter of a couple of weeks.

For others, however, a penis stretcher may need to be used consistently for several months in order to start seeing visible results.

Fortunately, however, clinical studies conducted by university researchers have proven that these traction devices do indeed work as advertised. So it is only a matter of time before a man will see results if he uses it in the correct way on a daily basis.

Purchase Only Top Quality Stretchers

Good quality penis stretchers cost an average of around $200 each and are well worth the investment. They should only be purchased from trusted providers such as X4 Labs and SizeGenetics, companies that have a long track record of helping men to achieve their goals. Regardless of the model you choose to purchase, one should pay particular attention to how it is designed, especially making sure that a comfort strap is provided so that the member can be stretched comfortably for longer periods of time.