How Effective Is Penis Stretching?

When a guy has a need for a larger penis, is there a viable way to be able to make that actually happen? There is if penis stretching is part of the process! By stretching out the penile tissues, especially in regards to the Corpora Cavernosa, the stretching process can give guys a permanent increase in length while erect or flaccid.

Stretching a penis can even correct a curvature of the penis that interferes with sexual performance and is considered the most natural method of obtaining a larger overall size.

surgeonWhy Should Guys Opt For Surgery Instead?

Many guys get a recommendation that their penis size should be increased by surgery. They might even hear that stretching doesn’t do any good at all because there aren’t any proven studies that show consistent results. The problem with surgery, however, is that as much bad stuff can happen as good stuff!

  • Guys who have surgery tend to have longer recovery times and must do consistent exercises every day in physical therapy to make sure their new length stays permanent.
  • Surgery can cause some guys to have less of a sexual desire, meaning that they struggle to become erect even when aroused and must use adaptive equipment to have sex.
  • Guys who have surgery have no guarantee of results either.

For many guys, one look at the cost of surgery in this area is enough to make them consider different options for enhancing their penis size. That’s why stretching is often the #1 choice for guys today. It produces results over time, is done by using a medically approved device, and isn’t painful when the right device is used.

Why Is Stretching So Painful Sometimes?

Penis stretching becomes painful when guys don’t get the right amount of pressure or traction. This often occurs when using a cheaper device because cheap devices are often a one-sized-fits-all type of product. Cheaper devices may be medically approved and could even be made from Class 1 medical materials, but because there are a lack of adjustment options, they become a dangerous product to use.

If you ever feel pain when using a stretching device, discontinue its use immediately and determine what is causing the pain.

penis-stretchingStretching a penis shouldn’t hurt. Some guys even say it feels really good when their device is on correctly! That’s why the most important part of the process of finding a good stretching device is to find one that will comfortably adapt to your unique size and shape.

Which Kind of Product Is the Best?

You’ll find two basic types of penis stretchers on the market today: noose devices and strap devices. Both are effective for the stretching process, but the strap devices are much more comfortable for long term wear. You won’t have the noose digging into your penis and this will help you wear the device for the recommended length of time every day.

If you’re looking to increase the size of your penis, then stretching it through safe, consistent traction is the best way to go. Start today and you could see results in just a couple months!