A Better Alternative To Ineffective Penis Exercises

Men are increasingly using specialized exercises in attempts to dramatically increase their penis size. Over the last few years, exercise routines have been developed that some claim to help lengthen the penis when performed daily for a period of weeks or months.


These penis exercises usually require men to stretch the member for several minutes to an hour or more each day in order to get results. Some believe these exercises work by slowly stretching the suspensory ligaments, which attach the penis to the pelvic bone, as well as the tunica, which is the sheath of skin covering the penis.

Disadvantages of Stretching Exercises

Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to these exercises. First and foremost, they’re just not very effective. In fact, a large majority of men never see an increase in length, even after completing the exercises daily for months at a time.

do-not-workSimply put, they don’t work.

Also, they require men to devote large blocks of time for completing them, which is often inconvenient and not practical. Worse yet, some of these penis exercises can be dangerous if done improperly, such as when men are too aggressive when first adopting new routines or don’t complete the necessary preparations before starting.

A Better Alternative?

One of the best solutions for avoiding these problems and getting proven results is to instead use a penis stretcher.

A penis stretcher is a traction device which is fitted onto the flaccid penis and then adjusted to where it provides just enough resistance to successfully stretch the member over a period of time. Unlike with common penis exercises, using a stretcher doesn’t require a hands-on approach, so the man is free to go about doing other tasks while the device does the work for them. Best of all, penis stretchers are completely safe and proven effective in peer-reviewed clinical studies. In fact, if one correctly follows the instructions of use, a stretcher is the absolute safest way to lengthen a penis over time.

Penis exercises are not reliable and their efficacy has never been proven scientifically.

Also, routines are often difficult to finish correctly because men become too easily frustrated from having to devote so much time and attention while only getting minimal results. Basically, they’re a waste of time and men shouldn’t even bother with them.

Keep in mind that even those who still believe in these exercises argue that lengthening the penis can take months to accomplish and requires hours of stretching each day to see maximum results. The majority of men simply don’t have the patience for such endeavors. Instead of having to do all the work manually, which often leads to the use of poor technique and subsequent injury, the wisest choice is to instead opt to buy a quality penis stretcher. These devices are not only the safest choice, but are proven to produce results, which makes them well worth the minimal financial investment required.