What Are the Best Penis Extenders?

Are you looking for an effective way to grow the length and girth of your penis?

A penis extender offers the best solution for guys to achieve the results they want!
The only problem is that it can be incredibly difficult to find the right product that really works.

Here is a look at the Top 3 products that are available on the market today:

x4-labs #1 Editors’ Choice: X4 Labs

What is nice about the penis extenders that are offered by X4 Labs is that they have 5 unique packages from which to choose.

This means there’s an option for every guy and there’s even an option to help guys correct a curvature in their penis that might be affecting their every day performance!

X4 Labs also has a 58 way support system that provides guys with a comfortable product that they can wear all day like they need to do to achieve great results.

This gives guys some distinct advantages:

  • it lets them wear the device all day comfortably without embarrassment;
  • it can be worn on their own time; and
  • it can be fully adapted to meet their individualized needs.

Some guys have a wide girth already and just want a little extra length: X4 Labs has a package for you. Guys who suffer from micro-penis have a package available to them as well and the starter packages are extremely affordable. You can even upgrade to better packages for an affordable price so you won’t have to worry about spending your grocery money on a medical device to put traction on your penis!

Because this penis extender can be fully customized to fit guys of any age, shape, and size, it is definitely one of the Top 3 products on the market today.


Vimax has the cheapest penis extender on the market today, with a base model coming in at less than a hundred bucks!

It isn’t as comfortable as other models that are on the market today, but it’s hard to not consider this medical device because of its affordability. To give yourself a chance to increase the overall results that can be achieved, Vimax also offers guys a series of homeopathic supplements that are designed to boost sexual performance while helping to naturally encourage the enlargement process.

The one downside of this penis extender is the fact that it only uses the noose fixation as a means of putting traction on the penile tissues. This can create discomfort over time and create red marks on the penis, but guys consistently report seeing great results with this product.


Just like the X4 Labs penis extender, SizeGenetics offers guys a 58 way support system that will help each man customize the comfort of their medical device so they can wear it all day. Guys who have a wide girth already might struggle to put on this device and it isn’t rated to help correct a curvature of the penis that is caused by Peyronie’s Disease, but it does have the ability to help the average guy take their average size and supersize it!

The one real downside of this penis extender is the overall cost of the product. The entire system retails for about $400 and you don’t get as many options with it as you do with other extenders from other companies. Guys with micro-penis will struggle with these device, but it is a proven extender that provides consistent results to guys who have decided to use it.

Which Penis Extender Is the Best?

In looking at the Top 3 penis extenders on the market today, each one has some advantages to bring to a guy’s life, so they’re all worth taking a look at to see if they can provide the needed results. If we have to choose just one, then our choice would be the penis extender that is presented by X4 Labs. You can get the premium edition extender at X4 Labs for $100 less that the SizeGenetics system and have a comfortable wearing experience that is adaptable to every guy, not just the average guy.

It’s also that level of comfort that pushes the X4 Labs penis extender above the affordability of the Vimax penis extender. Guys on a budget should definitely consider what the Vimax product can do, but the investment into the X4 Labs extender will provide more comfortable results over time and you won’t have to worry about the noose fitting causing damage to your penis or uncomfortable red marks that might be a little difficult to explain.

We also prefer X4 Labs over Vimax because there is more of an emphasis on the device and not the supplemental male enhancement products that are designed to be an upsell. Taking penis pills to get longer length and wider girth just isn’t going to happen because it is the tension that the extender places on the penis that generates results, not the pills. Because the tension is the most important aspect, the added comfort and consistency that the X4 Labs extender is able to provide is what really puts it over the top as the best overall value in the market today.

Which Product Is Right For You?

Only you can decide which penis extender is the right one for you to use. Each extender offers benefits that can help guys feel more satisfied with their size and ultimately have more confidence when it really counts! Just remember that if you purchase the Vimax product to put your male enhancement supplements to “0” in order to really get the affordability out of this product and if you suffer from Peyronie’s, then be sure to order the X4 Labs package because it is the only one available on the market to help you out.


The good news is that you really can have the results that you want.

You really can increase the size and girth of your penis. You really can have the confidence that you need as a guy with these penis extenders. Take a look at your options today, remember the benefits of the X4 Labs product, and start using your preferred medical device!